Who am I

A guy that has a passion for frontend techniques and is always aiming for perfection in deliveries.


I'm a 25 year old developer from Sweden who loves frontend, creativity and design. It all started approximately six years ago when I opened Dreamweaver for the first time. After some time of self-studying I choose to enter Degree of Bachelor with a major in Informatics, specialisation in New Media Design in Jönköping to extend my code and design knowledge.


During my study in Jönköping I worked as a teacher in a html & css course and half-time as a developer at Klickmonster.

Two days after my major I started working at Nelly.com as a webdesigner. My job included improvement and development of components on the website, and at the same time developing marketing campaigns.

After 1,5 years with Nelly.com I signed for Wasabi Web. Here I got the title as a frontend developer for the first time. My role was to produce websites with great page speed and evolve a framework that would speed up the frontend.

2 years later I resigned from Wasabi Web to start working as React developer for Interactive Solutions.

Current focus

Right now my focus lies within React. I've created some personal React projects, for example is this website build with React and GatsbyJS.

My goal is to become a full time React developer, but not loose the feeling for design.